what we roll

Weed. Ganja. Pot. Grass. Marijuana has many names—all referring to the dried flowers, leaves or seeds of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant. This drug packs a psychoactive punch with nearly 500 chemicals, including THC, the one that gets you high...and ruins your health.

Why we roll

  • Peer pressure, curiosity or even boredom can lead to marijuana use. Some self-medicate to cope with depression or to avoid everyday stress and anxiety.

  • Maybe you’ve seen a family member or role model try it. There are lots of reasons, but none of them are good.

Why to stop

Marijuana can hold you back from fulfilling your potential. From physical and mental illness to lower economic success, lighting up makes life a drag. And for expecting mothers, exposure to marijuana can derail your baby’s healthy development. When you use weed, your baby does, too.


  • Loss of IQ Points
  • Higher Dropout Rate
  • Lower Earning Potential


  • Risk of Fetal Mortality
  • Likelihood of Future Usage
  • Developmental Issues


  • Increased Risk of Depression
  • Impaired Cognitive Function
  • Earlier Onset of Psychosis

Better Ways to Roll

Need a healthier way to relax or recharge without breaking your brain?
The possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling!

For a natural high from feel-good endorphins
Take a hike. The fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood.
Talk to a counselor. Just getting things off your chest helps.
Grab a rolling pin and bake some sweet treats.
Take a hike! The fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood.
Source : National Institute of Drug Abuse


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